Marriage Equality has NOT been achieved, but we can get there

If you are a heterosexual supporter of single sex marriage, you should realize that marriage equality has not been achieved — and there is something you can do to move the cause forward, which if not done, renders you a hypocrite.

As long as heterosexual couples continue to engage in a form of sexual intercourse, namely vaginal, that is not available to homosexual couples, those homosexual couples remain unequal.

Heterosexual couples, in a show of solidarity, ought to voluntarily renounce their ability to engage in vaginal intercourse. Anything less is to continue to exercise hetero privilege. A change in lifestyle choice is in order to help bring to completion the dream of marriage equality.

What’s more, heterosexual couples will need to adopt children from???

Once marriage equality has been achieved for homosexual couples, next we will need to turn our attention to Mormons and help them by taking less wives than we would otherwise prefer.

(The above may sound somewhat harsh, until you realize it is a work of satire.)


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